Simple Home Remedies to Prevent Keloid Scar from developing

Healing is good, but not excessive. For those who don’t know; Kaloid is one such skin problem developed from excessive healing.

It causes because of the over growing of your scarring tissues which had accumulated from scratching, burning, acne or injury. The scars are completely bland but can have emotional impact on the person. They are ugly to see.

Treating or removing Keloid needs a small surgical procedure also, these days steroid injections are encouraged to remove the scar. However; the first thing a person needs to learn is how to prevent Keloids from growing. How?

Do not scratch further

Doctors have repeatedly said, not to touch. Your skin is undergoing a scarring process that’s why you are tempted to scratch or itching happens. So during the healing process, scratching causes Keloid scar to grow due to excessive scar tissues. So, do not touch, or scratch.

Treat your burns and injuries immediately

For serious injuries and burn consult a doctor in Malaysia immediately. Keep your injuries or wounds clean by gently cleaning every day seeing that you do not apply irritating or harsh medicines. Running a cool water sounds good, also you can use a cool compress.

Prevent yourself from getting Tattoos or Piercing

Getting piercing or tattoo will only worsen the things; Keloid scar can develop anywhere as dermatologists have witnessed that piercing and tattooing can develop Keloid.

Take care of your skin especially when you are suffering from ACNE problem

If you are suffering from acne problems, make sure that you don’t pop pimples and maintain a healthy skin care regime. Consult a dermatologist to cure acne/pimple problems. It has been witnessed that serious acne lesion can grow into Keloid scar which can be even worse to handle compared to acne.

Keep your wounds moisturized

Moisturize your wounds with a good dermatology tested cream. It will prevent it from further drying and leaving a scar. Over the counter medicines will help in lightning the skin darkness affected because of Keloid scar. Also massaging your scar can aid you with softening thus helping it to heal properly.