Choosing the Ultimate to Fight with Sleep Apnea

The CPAP can be explained as the gold standard method in curing patients suffering with sleep apnea. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. This method of treatment requires the patient to wear a mask which covers nose and mouth while sleeping. The mask is directly attached to a machine with the help of an air pipe. The CPAP apparatus renders a steady and persistent air flow through the tube which is filled with air pressure by the machine.

CPAP user Svenska: CPAP-brukare

CPAP user Svenska: CPAP-brukare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With persistent supply of airflow, the patient has to never worry about the shortage of air while breathing at night. However, most of the patients complain about the discomfort which is caused by this method. The mask which covers the face turns it impossible for the patients to sleep. Moreover some people are also allergic to the straps which keep the mask intact.

The alternative methods of cpap are gaining lot of popularity nowadays. : A patch which fits over the nostrils is formulated by the medical experts. The patch is termed as Provents. It holds two little plugs, one plug for each nostril. The plug creates enough space for the air passage to keep open at night. It is far less complicated than the cpap machine.

The provents is cheaper and effective alternative for the machine. The valves allow the air to get in easily which means that a patient breathes through his own nostrils while sleeping -the patch is used every night and is removed in the morning. Millions of people are reported to overcome with their sleep apnea using provents instead of placebos.

Another alternative method of cpap includes pressure titration. The method is implemented using polysomnography. The polysomnography method was initially experimented on three individuals. After a period of twelve weeks it was witnessed that the patients were much better than before. The auto adjusted titration can lead to significant reductions in cost and a remarkable fall in the waiting lists for the cpap machines.

For the patients who cannot get relieved using CPAP methods, there are several companies who have invented cpap alternative methods for such patients. One of the ultimate alternatives includes the use oral appliance therapy. OAT had been recognized folate throughout the dental field. It is the optimum alternative treatment for cpap. It is all the more useful for the ones who suffer from moderate obtrusive sleep apnea.

The Oral appliance is worn during the night and is somewhat similar to the mouthpieces. The oral appliance has been designed in such a way that the patients can conveniently move their lower jaws. The tongue can also move forward when the patient is wearing this device.

Some of the drugs are also developed by the companies which can cure mild sleep disorders. Despite of being little pricey, the drugs are far better than the machines and other mechanical methods to fight the disease. The companies are making several efforts to invent all the more convenient cpap alternative methods which are within the reach of a common man.