Things to avoid in a relationship

Relationships have become an indispensable part of a human beings life. It has become a need of this hour where people find themselves incomplete without being in a relationship. Each one of us has a different meaning of relationships for some it may be a romantic or passionate attachment and for others, it may be a cooperation between two people. That can be a relationship between mother-son, sister-brother, father-daughter etc. The Actual definition of “Relationship is the State of being connected to each other or interrelated”.

For Couples “Relationship is the state of being attached by mind or marriage having emotional and sexual attachment”. In the beginning, there remains an excitement to open up and share what we feel but as time rolls by we take each other for granted and start doing some bad habits which start to tarnish the relationship. Some of the dårlige vaner i parforholdet people usually do and don’t realize are –

  • Not Actively Listening – When your partner is saying something and you respond it by ‘oh’ ‘hmm’ then it shows that you are just doing formality by saying it. But in actual You really don’t care about this.
  • Too much time with Electronics – Whether it’s a computer, smartphones, video games or television, electronics can come in between and create a wall which must be avoided.
  • Being Critical – No one likes to be criticized and especially your partner. Never make a negative comment on their appearances or career because each one of us is different from each other and has a separate choice.
  • Bringing work Home – There should be a balance between personal and professional life. When you think that your work is piling up and feel like you are lagging behind and start doing your office work in the home also which must be totally avoided.

Every coin has two sides: Positive and negative side whatever that has happened in past can’t be reversed but future actions can protect it. there are many good habits through which you can have long-lasting and healthy relationships.

  • Always respect sach other – Respect is one of the most important habits of positive relationships because it shows trust and acceptance. It’s a necessary ingredient for creating happy, healthy and long lasting Relationships.
  • Express positive picture of a partner to others – The habit of expressing postive attributes of your partner will help in making your relationship strong.It creates admiration,love and fondness.
  • Remain connect throughout the day – We all remain busy in our professional life but reconnecting with your partner is crucial to have healthy relationship.You can do this just by simply sending some text during break or giving your partner a call on the way home and be creative.
  • Always work Together – It’s always much more fun when you do any activity together. For example the habit of cooking together creates intimacy, connection and also helps in spending quality time together.
  • Snuggle in the morning or evening – Take the time to snuggle before starting your day and befoe going to bed. This can be done just be holding each other in bed for a few minutes before starting a day and end your day with cuddle. This releases oxytocin which increases trust and love towards each other.