Treating Fractured or Broken Ankle

Ankle is where the shin bone, talus bone of the foot and fibula of the leg are connected for movement. A simple fracture in the ankle may break any of the bones and cause certain pain which results to immediate injury.

A broken ankle or ankle fracture occurs when one or more than one of the bones in the ankle joint are broken.

In case, if you feel or suspect any broken bone, then the first step to be taken is medical attention, as failure to treat it on time may cause certain loss in movements.

Most of the times ankle fractures take place during a disturbing act in the body like sport injuries, sudden falls and car mishaps. The common symptoms of the fracture include:

  • Swelling
  • Severe Pain
  • Bruising and
  • Inability to handle the weight or
  • Walk with weight on the leg

Normally the broken ankle will be misdiagnosed most of the time with the ligament injury, ligament strain, etc. Hence to confirm the problem and to avoid the wrong diagnosis the following investigation procedures and diagnostic measures will be carried out normally. They are as follows:

  • X-ray,
  • CT scan,
  • MRI scan,
  • Stress test, etc.

Application of ice or medically proven painkillers on the surface of the affected region for immediate relief from pain and swelling can and often recommended by health care providers.

Although this technique is very effective, it does not guarantee complete recovery in the long term for ankle fracture. Hence, medical consultation at the earliest is of utmost importance.

If an initial pain remains untreated for a fairly long period of time, then it can also cause severe chronic pain in the ankle. Thus you need to visit your doctor or podiatrist on time.

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The process of recovering depends upon the degree of ankle fracture. If the degree is too high then it should undergo surgery or ankle arthroscopy. Otherwise your doctor may recommend you getting your fractured ankle treated with methods like plaster cast, splints and braces.