Zika Virus Can Cause Brain Damage in Adults

Zika virus is now creating havoc among humans and is spreading on a rapid scale. The virus was found to be threatening women largely who are on their pregnancy stages or in couple who are planning for a baby.

According to a recent experiment performed on mice, it was found that the virus affected the neutral stem cells and hindered the ability of mice to regenerate. The infection reaches directly to brain that suddenly depicts a rapid decrease in cell count.

Zika Virus

Dr. Josepgh Gleeson the chief head of the study pointed out that this experiment was done to identify if the virus could affect the brain cell in a human. He added that the result of the experiment was that adults are prone to virus attack and the virus could considerably affect and reduce the count of brain cells thereby damaging brain.

The doctor also pointed out that their research was performed with limited resources and they are working on the project to get answers to their various doubts related to Zika virus.

The only way to stay protected from Zika virus for you and your family is to ensure to use mosquito repellents. You need to ensure that mosquitoes do not bite you at any cause. While you are away from your home or outdoor make use of repellents with DEET, let your body parts be fully covered with thick clothing material. It is always best to get mosquito treatment done in your home through an expert.