First university of alternative Medicine located in Mexico

It is true that many people die every day due to lack of proper medical care or the quick attention needed that could save their lives. But Indiegogo has come up with a wonderful project to make a difference and change the world in an amazing way.

With over 20 years of research and intense study, a group of well dedicated and motivated optimists have come up with a research university to train people in this field. These people have dedicated their full time and energy over the years to bring the idea to life.

The group has received tremendous support from well-wisher sponsors who have collaborated wholly by providing the necessary funds and resources needed to make the project a success. This has led to the launch of the first campus of the university that is purely non-conventional medicine.

For the Indiegogo project to be a success, what they need is a financial budget estimated to cost around $ 5,000,000 on the lower side. This was the capital needed in the construction and purchase of the facilities of the first university of alternative Medicine located in Mexico. The extra funds will be used to pay the professionals such the doctors, teachers and the consultants for the services offered.

With 20 years of the project, Indiegogo has been able to transform the world by bringing the alternative medicine close to the level of the conventional one. With the help of the project many new graduates have been absorbed into the project to help bring the idea to life which is estimated to kick off in 10 years’ time with the help and support of the new graduates.

The project has not been a walk in the park as it has been faced with many challenges and stumbling blocks but all in all, it has borne fruits. The major challenge that has been faced is the request of the facilities needed to reach 5 courses but Indiegogo is optimistic that with help from supporters this will be achievable. All people are called upon to help with finance or through campaigns especially using the social media.

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