How can you use healing crystals for anxiety?

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression and you feel loaded with the challenges of life, then you can choose from reiki to meditation to heal your mind. There are a number of things which can calm your restless soul and restore tranquility.

But what is crystal healing and how does it help in anxiety?

The healing crystal industry has grown phenomenally. It is actually helpful in easing stress and anxiety. Check out to learn more about health anxiety.

The theory

Crystals are natural occurring rocks which have been present on earth for millions of years and people haven using the little chard of light and color for their amazing healing powers from a long-long time.

But how do they work?

According to experts, everything moves and has an oscillation and vibration. Keeping that in mind, the stone also has a frequency and vibration, just like humans. Yes, every body part of humans has a different frequency and vibration. And, when something with higher frequency and similar vibration comes near you, it helps in taking human frequency higher. The human body tries to realign with the frequency of the stone. Thus, you start feeling better health wise, energy wise and spiritually.

So, if you feel you are going out of alignment or you are low on frequency, then you can enhance your health and bring in feeling of wellness by spending time with a frequency which is higher than you.  It is a sort of chemical reaction, where human frequency rises to align with the stone frequency.

Healing crystals guide

The healing crystals for anxiety work for you and hence you can carry them around. But remember you cannot connect with stones by keeping them in your handbag. In order to get the best results from healing crystals, you should follow these steps:

Find out what’s missing in your life and then look into what stone offers that to you. It will help you in knowing what’s going inside you before you depend on an external source.

Now, just allow your intuition to choose the right stone for you. Whether a sapphire crystal catches your attention or if you feel a pull towards ruby, it depends on what your body and mind lacks. If you feel a pull towards a crystal, then your inner conscious is guiding you towards the right choice. Once you have chosen the suitable one, you can easily make the connection you need.