Is Casper Mattress Worth the Cost?

Recent research and fitness experts have been harping on the important of quality sleep to lead a stress free and healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to quality sleep it is also of importance on how you sleep and the mattress you sleep on.

It is an evident fact that the mattress you use is of much importance when it comes to providing quality and lengthy sleep relaxing your body and mind. One such mattress that can guarantee quality and longer sleep cycle is the Casper mattress.

The use of Casper mattress can provide you with longer sleep while the foam used to make these mattress helps in eliminating stress in body thereby providing comfort to your body and nerve.

History of Casper Mattress

The first time Casper mattress gained users attention is in the year 2014, when the mattress was made available through their online selling platform. Over the years, the fame of Casper mattress grew through word of mouth and their client base too. It started off with a single brand mattress and still continues to manufacture and sell the same.

When enquired about this company strategy, the response was that, the manufacturers tend to concentrate on a single brand making it a world class product. It offers great support in terms of quality sleep to their users. The mattress is now sold to various parts of the country from their dedicated warehouses spread across the country.

With Casper mattress in your room, you are guaranteed to a quality sleep every night. This helps in relieving your body from any kind of stress and thereby letting you stay fresh and energetic every day.

Specifications of Casper Mattress: Its Features and Benefits

A single Casper mattress is made with four different layers of foam – poly foam, memory foam, high density and latex foam. It is an amazing mattress for back and side sleepers and durable providing very little motion transfer while sleeping. This mattress also provides very little vibration while switching sides and ensures contouring support all through night.

Each Casper mattress is 9.5 inch long with foam inside providing complete support to your body. Each foam layer is built with a specific purpose and the end purpose is to provide great comfort and quality sleep for its users. Casper Mattress has a removable cover that is available along and is breathable that can be removed whenever you want for cleaning purpose.

  • excellent support on back and tested for stomach support
  • tested for durability and offer excellent performance support
  • stable, minimal vibration while motion transfer and shape support for longer period of time
  • change sleeping position without disturbing your sleep
  • tested for weight support and excellent for back and straight sleepers
  • offer 100 nights of free trial for first time users who wish to test before actually purchasing Casper mattress

Various Tests on Casper Mattress

Every Casper mattress is prone to a sinkage test to understand how mattress can shift weights and to determine if foam loses its shape on the long run. There are four different weights used for this sinkage test.

Yet another test that is initiated on Casper mattress is the motion transfer test. This is done to check if mattress can handle changes in motion of sleep and if vibrations caused due to this transfer actually affect sleep cycle of users.

In most cases, Casper mattress is shipped out from existing warehouse to most parts of the country. The shipping is free and users get their delivery of shipment in less than 7 business days. To retain their client base and provide support, Casper mattress provides almost 10 years warranty on their mattress. The service can be availed by getting in touch with their customer centre who are responsive and customer friendly.

With various discount schemes you can actually get the benefit of paying reduced price than the actual price. However due to its higher costs as compared to its competitor don’t suggest you to buy. They recommend checking other many brands and models before you make the final decision.

In spite of its higher price, one great benefit of Casper mattress is that you can buy them for a trial period of 100 days and test for quality and benefits on your own. If you are not satisfied with the way this mattress helps you, then you can return the mattress to manufacturer. The removable cover with this mattress is breathable and can be removed for cleaning purpose.