OptiScoop: A Great Way of Using Powders With no more Spills

You can now fill bottles with powders without the spillage messes anymore. All this is possible thanks to the use of OptiScoop. The use of OptiScoop is the same way as syringes are used to dispose a liquid, now this one is for the solid powder forms.

How it works

Once the scoop is filled with powder, it can be used to dispose the solid powder into different bottle shapes and shakers. The holes are the bottom of the scoop are meant to eliminate air and not the powder itself.

To discharge the powder into a bottle, you press the trigger handle just like you would do for a normal syringe. This ensures that your fingers are away from any cases of spillage. With the shovel edge design, you can actually scoop the powder from the container with ease. The same thing happens if you have to dispose it into a container.

The team that posted the OptiScoop project on Kickstarter claim to offer a high quality product. It is made of a durable plastic that should last you for quite a while.


Is it suitable for other uses?

At first, it was thought that you could only use it for filling powders at a workshop, however, now mothers are using it for refilling baby powder bottles. You could still use it in the kitchen or the washing bay to reduce the amount of powder spillage.

Development of the project

Just like any other product, developing the first prototype takes some time. The OptiScoop project started back in 2013 when one of the founders got tired of spilling powders every time. It was not until 2015 that the first prototypes were released. This was of course after several changes had been made to the first design to end up with the right product.

The Future of OptiScoop

The founders are now looking to start full-scale production of the scoops. The listing of the project on Kickstarter is a way to help them raise funds for the producing these scoops in large numbers. The founders have claimed to put in more time and funds to marketing the product in different avenues so that it gets that important exposure.