StepOne Aims to Bring Truly Personalized Healthcare to the Masses

Healthcare has been a huge topic of debate and politics in recent years, much to the chagrin of the insured and uninsured alike. No matter what side of the debate one falls on, what can generally be agreed upon is this: the healthcare system that we have is far from efficient, does not reach the goal of meeting the majority’s needs, and could use some significant improvement. This is where StepOne Health hopes to change the healthcare game.


One big problem with the system as it exists is patients have so little control when it comes to choosing doctors and being involved in their own care and treatment. With all of the information available to patients today, they’re no longer uninformed people who need to leave all of their health decisions to their doctors. Now patients want, and truly deserve, to have a say when it comes to the medical tests, health goals, and treatments they get.

StepOne, which was created by Dr. Craig Brandman, aims to increase cooperation between physicians and their patients, forming something of a team. This type of cooperation would not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of care, but make it more cost effective. Instead of a patient having to travel to the doctor for an appointment to get a simple test, such as one that screens for food sensitivities or lipoprotein, he could do so in the comfort of his home. Results would be securely received and analyzed by a physician, who would then speak with the patient, if needed.

To help bring StepOne to a wider audience, its team has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Those interested in getting in on the initial launch of StepOne, or who simply want to support to the goal, can donate as little as $10 or as much as $10,000. Some of the perks that come along with donating include a personal meeting with Dr. Brandman, a copy of StepOne’s workbook, healthcare screenings, branded swag, and memberships to the service. Each level of donation has its own specific benefits.

The StepOne healthcare platform would manage logistics, provide patients with a team of licensed physicians and healthcare experts, and eliminate the need to make a costly in-person doctor’s visit for many types of tests and screenings. Taking the unnecessary costs and red tape out of healthcare would definitely be a win-win for physicians and patients.