Perfect Remedies for Hot Flashes

Hot flash is a common condition which almost 8 in 10 women face in their lifetime. Most of them go for serious therapies like hormonal replacements, continuous medications etc. This is not actually required. Hot flash can also be managed efficiently without posing any health risk to the woman. Let us see the available remedies for the hot flashes which do not give any side effects to the woman.

Hot flashes

Avoid triggers: This would be one of the easiest ideas to control the hot flashes. The triggers vary with each woman. Just cutting down the triggers would help her much. Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided in any case. Other general things which are the triggering factors are the spicy foods, oily foods, stress, depression, hot baths, sauna or steam etc. These are the things which can be easily avoided by any woman.

Neutral baths: Neutral water is generally sedative and relaxing. It soothes the nervous system and helps in calming down the human body. It gives good night’s sleep without any sweats. Hot water bath would be tiring and cold water bath would be stimulating, so neutral water bath may be taken in the evening times to relax oneself.

Exercises: Exercises are the best thing which one can do from her early years. This would help in balancing the human system. It gives good blood circulation to the whole body. It increases the levels of serotonin and endorphin in the human system. This is one of the natural methods to increase the endorphin in the body.

Diet modifications: Fresh fruits, vegetables help a lot in managing the hot flashes. Generally fresh fruits and vegetables are rich alkaline foods and fully loaded with nutrients and are therefore considered good remedies for hot flashes. This will be easily digested without giving any extra calories. This will also help you with weight management.