The P90 X Workout Schedule

The P90 X workout schedule has got 3 separate routines for 90 days. These three segments are divided into classics, doubles and lean. The workout can change your entire look and completely transforms you into new, positive you- from a couch potato to leaner, stronger and toned.

P90 X Workout

The P90X is a high intensity workout program that comprises of several exercises such as martial arts, weight training, cardio, yoga, and plyometric. This workout program also comes with a diet plan and a three month tracking worksheet.

When starting P90X workout schedule, you would certainly like to keep track of your exercise program. By keeping track of the workout schedule will let you know how much sincere you are towards your exercise regime. The P90 X workout sheets is provided to know your progress you are making with the workout program. Remember it is more than just recording how many reps you performed.

Through this workout sheet, you will be also able to know how much calories you are burning on every workout. The sheet also helps maintaining how many reps you have increased doing over the time which feels great on how far you have got working out with the program.

The P90X workout schedule recommends starting with the “Classic” first which is 3 days weight and resistance bands workout and 3 days of yoga and cardio. After that there is “Lean” segment which is 4 days of yoga/cardio and 2 days of resistance workouts and lastly there is “Doubles” which is a classic workout program with more of a cardio in it.

In here the individual will be doing routine workout in the morning and extra cardio in the evening. It is intensive and for those people who want some to have some more strength training.  It is suggested to start slow and increase gradually.