What Causes Constant Diarrhea and What Can Help?

Studies shows that 10% of patients without a gallbladder eventually suffer from chronic diarrhea. You may ask how does it become the main causes of constant diarrhea?

Practitioners name the Diarrhea post Gallbladder removal as a Bile Acids Diarrhea and cause of constant diarrhea. It is believed that in this particular case Bile Acids irritate the colon. Hence, the initial management is consuming strong ion exchange resins which absorb those Bile Acids as well as remove them from our body.

If you are looking for a non-medical and natural method for diarrhea management post gallbladder removal I would attempt to explain you why you are so sick and how to manage your medical condition. Let us now consider what can cause constant diarrhea sans gallbladder.

All digestive organs like small and large intestine, stomach, gallbladder and liver act as an orchestra by conducting of the hormonal (digestive hormones) and nervous systems. Common opinion on our gallbladder is it is a small sac to collect bile deposits and that everyone can survive without it.

That point of view doesn’t give a true picture of this crucial organ of our digestive system. Human liver regularly produces about 4 – 6 cups of bile which is supposed to go down way through the common bile duct right into our duodenum that is the starting part of our small intestine.

Between the duodenum and bile duct, there exists a muscle valve, (sphincter of Oddi). It closes, when there is no food and opens, when food is entering from stomach into our duodenum to be digested. When sphincter of Oddi is shut, pressure over the common bile duct is getting higher because liver is constantly releasing bile inside our duct.

At this time, liver bile is redirected into the gallbladder that gets larger in size and deposits bile. Bile inside the gallbladder is concentrated and it is prepared to be squeezed through bile duct and sphincter of Oddi into our duodenum to digest that food, particularly the fat. Hence, gallbladder expands, as a balloon and the pressure inside common bile duct does not increase. To make the story simpler, gallbladder and its sphincter of Oddi work together as one single mechanism.

Liver is our body’s chemical plant to control toxicity inside our body. Liver uses bile as its garbage dump mover. Liver extracts through bile the fat-soluble poisonous chemicals, heavy metals, ammonia, cholesterol, bile pigments, medications, bile acids and alcohol. Not to wonder, concentrations of these toxins are very high in our gallbladder bile.

Now, it is a very crucial point that bile is an alkaline solution. Alkalinity Stores toxic substances in the bile in soluble state. On the contrary, acidity leads to precipitation of cholesterol, calcium and bile acids, particularly in the concentrated gallbladder bile.

Researchers found that the lower bile pH (acidity), might lead to precipitation of aggressive bile acids. It leads to formation of gallbladder stones, infection of the gallbladder and irritation and are the causes for constant diarrhea. Hence, not to get surprised, gallbladder is the most vulnerable for inflammation and stones.

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