7 Tips On How to make exercise fun for family

You love your family and you want to live with them till the end of the time. Who doesn’t? Also you want them to have a long life. Even if you don’t live that long, you wish your family members to live an eternal life. But in order to achieve that, you have to remember that being healthy is the only option for a longer life. Exercising will be more fun if it is a habit done with your whole family. Spend some quality time with your family during exercise and make it a fun time so that they enjoy having exercise with you.

In this list, you will know how to make exercise fun for your family. If your family members do not want to do it with you, make it happen with these interesting things.

  1. Capture the moments


When you are doing exercise, bring your family and try to do it together. Try to capture photos or make a video. Bring everyone to the exercise room and when you start exercise, try to be funny and make your family members laugh and make a video. This video will make all of you laugh or being nostalgic after a while. The exercise session would be an interesting time for all of them. Make a family scrapbook, and store it. After some times, try to create new activities so that they do not become bored.

  1. Give them a little something


Sometimes kids do not want to exercise with their parents. They feel shy and they feel awkward doing it together. Surprise them with something like a gift or reward. If your kid does something good at exercise, give him a reward. It could be something that he likes and does not have to be a monetary reward. It could be simple things like his/her favourite dish. He will be inspired and happy to spend time with you as well as exercise. And for this healthy habit that you practice, he would be thankful when he grows up. The rate of child obesity especially in North America is risking.

  1. Make it exciting and competitive


We all enjoy a little competition in the games, sports or exercise in our life. Introduce a little competition with your son or daughter or your wife. Do it even with your kids. They would love it too. Set up some obstacle course and tell them that nobody can do it but you. Or tease them to do it at a competitive way. It’s always helpful this way because your family members would love the little competition among them. Things will be changed after you use this method. You won’t have to ask them to join you at an exercise session. This will be considered as a healthy habitby them and they would happily join you.

  1. Go outside


Don’t just always do exercise in your gym room or your garage. Make an outdoor day for going someplace. Take a hike followed by a picnic after or go for a swim or cycle at the park. This healthy habit will be a game changer.

This will be quality time spend with your family too, allowing you better interaction with each other.

  1. Keep a close eye on your kids’ video games

video game

Video games are sometimes your biggest enemy between you and your kids. Don’t just let them play whatever they want to play. Monitor carefully what they are playing. Excessive games could make him an unsocial person and an unhealthy one. Playing video games all day long is not a healthy habitand for that, they would refuse spending time with you.

Inspire them to go out with you. Alternatively, you can also introduce them to video games with fitness video games. Unfortunately, you will need to get Kinect Xbox 360, PlayStation Move or Wii Fit console. Exercise games can give you a good workout while you play.

  1. Present it seriously

family runing

From the very childhood, show them that it’s like a family tradition. Exercise is something that you do together and it cannot be avoided. Train your child to exercise with you like doing yoga together or walking the dog together. Your dogs or pets are also part of your family, so ensure you are feeding your dog good nutrition and supplements for pets too. Do it in a way that you are conveying a family practice.

  1. Disguise it


If you do it like a military school, your children will not be interested. They would feel pressured. Disguise it as a play so that they take it as a fun activity. Play some Frisbee with the pet dog or take them out for hiking/ camping.

Besides disguising exercise as play activities, you also need to find ways to disguise or incorporate nutritious food and fruits into your children’ meals too. For example, we know kids dislike to eat vegetables, perhaps making a veggie patty burger would be a good idea

So, go for it and make a real healthy and happy family.