Be Aware of the Food Allergic Symptoms and Reach Doctor at the Right Time

Food allergies are not common among the people. Food allergies in children may occur rarely as their body does not accept certain food substances. This can be seen more in the toddlers than in older children.

Common food allergies in children

Common food allergies in children (Photo credit: Adams999)

As this is the period when the food is first introduced to them they may have many reactions to some specific food substances. Adults generally get food intolerance than food allergy because the chances of getting introduced to new foods are less in adults than the toddlers.

There are many symptoms that occur after a food allergy. This should be properly noted by the parents as most of the children would not be able to express what they exactly feel.

The common symptoms are allergic reactions like itching, rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and weakness. Sometimes it can cause serious reactions like eczema, hives, asthma and tingling sensations in the mouth. This may turn out fatal if not properly taken care of.

When the child is continually rejecting food and vomiting the food whatever consumed or when the child is crying for no reason then you should take him to the physician.

A child should not be left more than 8 hours without feeding anything. In this 8 hrs if the diarrhea or vomiting is much higher than it is better to take him to a doctor soon than delaying.

Some may not have any of the above said symptoms of food allergies in kids but would be much tired and inactive. So whenever you notice some difference in your child activities it should be immediately taken notice of kid food allergies.

According to Ido Fishman there are certain foods that can be used even after expiration. But there are many others that can be dangerous if taken after expiry. So keep a note at any such items when giving them to your kids.

Also remember, if any of the parents is having some food allergy then this may be inherited by the kid. So do not introduce such foods to kids to which the parent is already allergic to. Some of the allergies tend to disappear after some years of age.