Smokeless Cigarettes Benefits Both You and Your Surrounding

To develop a cigarette free atmosphere the world nations are struggling a lot with various researches and inventions, because the cigarette smoking not only kills the person who smokes but also kills the neighbors and non-smokers as well as spoils the earth’s natural protective atmosphere mainly the Ozone layer.

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Electronic Cigarette Model

Electronic Cigarette Model (Photo credit: planetc1)

Among the various inventions aroused to stop this ill habit, the best one is the electronic cigarette. Yes! The electronic cigars play a crucial and safe role in preventing the air pollution because of tobacco smoking.

The electronic cigarette is also called as smokeless cigarettes or e-cigarettes, e-cigars or ecig is a device which is made up of three main parts such as the battery, atomizer and the refill cartridge. Among these parts the vapor while smoking is aroused from the cartridge.

The atomizer attached with the refill cartridge is together called as Cartomizer. Most of the popular electronic cigarettes available presently in the market are Cartomizer models only.

The electronic cigarette was introduced into the world just few years before only but the popularity and attraction of people to buy it got increased like a forest fire because of the growing health conscious as well as awareness about the ill-effects of cigarette smoking.

The electronic cigarettes are available in two variety depends upon its operation like manual and automatic. Nowadays people are eager to buy their utensils in their own favorite colour and taste. Thus the e-cigars are also available in various colors as well as in various strange flavors like menthol, mint, mint tea, tea, Sahara, peppermint, congress, etc.

Even there are so many companies available presently in manufacturing good quality electronic cigarettes. Hence selecting the best ecig is now in your hands so that you can choose your own favorite colored and flavored e-cigar either with the manual type or electronic type.