Teeth Treatment for Caries and Tooth Decay

Teeth treatment is usually necessary if there are such problems with teeth as caries or a person suffers from its complications like pulpitis or periodontitis.

It is very frequently combined with curative measures for gums affected by periodontal disease and preventive prophylactic procedures for preventing further development of caries.
Teeth Treatment
In case you referred to a dentist for complicated caries, when already pulpitis occurred, obligatory teeth treatment will consist of enervation and canal filling.

As far as pulpitis in most cases is characterized by sharp, throbbing pain, the treatment should be conducted in two stages – firstly, the inflamed nerve canal is treated, and during the time of the second visit dentist will seal teeth.

Such division is necessary as far as after the nerve was removed it is critically important to prevent the occurrence of inflammation before canals are filled.

For this purpose teeth, canals should be processed with special antiphlogistic agents and prepared for filling under control of a special device – an X-ray.

Special cement, pastes and flexible pins that perfectly fill canals and do not decay under the influence of damaging factors are used during the procedure.

Teeth treatment offered by the majority of dentists is based on the usage of fillings made of various materials.

For instance, they can be produced by strong, durable materials with exceptional aesthetic properties that are perfectly suitable for teeth tissues and allow removing defects of teeth without doing harm to their structure.

Fillings made of composite materials are the best solution for procedures that are aimed mostly at the cosmetic restoration of front teeth.

They are well polished, resemble the natural structure of teeth, have the same degree of transparency as natural dental enamel and produce a great aesthetic effect.

Additionally, there are also fillings for chewing teeth. As far as the color assortment for them is limited, they are usually applied as the basis for composite fillings.

Periodontitis affects not only teeth but soft tissues around them, causing aching pain and making difficult for a person to chew and sometimes even speak.

Necessary treatment is usually held more seriously and takes much more time, as it presupposes preliminary treatment of nerve canals with the usage of certain medicines and they should be used until the inflammation subsides.

According to a tooth replacement in Budapest dentist, depending on the severity of damage and destruction of teeth, the dentist will determine whether it is possible for them to recover or you will need a tooth replacement.