The Tick Mix Project on Kickstarter

About 300,000 Americans fall prey to Lyme disease in USA. It is also common in Australia and other parts of the world specially in forested areas, nature parks, grassy lands and beaches. It is a serious threat as symptoms of Lyme disease are not easy to detect. This worsens the case and lack of proper treatment can lead to paralysis and neurological disorders. And now, a project on Kickstarter aims to change this. This is one project that can have far reaching consequences, and one that you might want to really back.

The tick mix

A natural and toxin free tick remedy developed in Canada is attracting interest of people recently. A unique startup called Rogue Remedies have taken upon themselves to develop 100% natural and chemical less solutions to encounter bugs like ticks, mosquitoes and improve the quality of life. Their latest innovation The Tick Mix is looking for contributors for achieving a larger market and promoting the benefits of nature based remedies.

How can you contribute?

Contributions begin with a low amount of $ 5 CAD which is returned with a special thanks on the company’s website and Facebook page. The exclusive chance to avail a discount on The Tick Mix can be grabbed by contribution $ 15, while raising it to $ 20 adds the contributor on the thank you section of the website and Facebook.

Donating $30 is rewarded with a custom Go Rogue t-shirt or a bottle of each of Tick Mix and Moskeet Mix. For sleeping better, contributions of $45 include the GoodEve Sleep Mix, Tick mix and the Moskeet Mix. A contribution of $165 is rewarded with 4 Go Rogue t-shirts along with one bottle of Tick Mix and Moskeet Mix.A green world free of toxins and chemicals is the need in this time and it is essential for people to promote and adopt measures to help the cause.

You can support this project and join them at: