Ultrascope Stethoscope: Usage and Buying Tips

Ultrascope stethoscope is a single sided pressure sensitive stethoscope usually designed with better cardiology qualities. One defining feature of ultrascope stethoscope is that it is clear and domed with sound acrylic that helps in magnifying sounds while you are examining your patient.

An ultrascope stethoscope is designed to understand the softest sound of a patient’s heart so as to better ascertain various murmurs your heart sends out. This ultrascopic stethoscope also helps in hearing the sounds coming out from lungs also crisp and clear.

End users of Ultrascope stethoscope

Anyone in the industry of medicinal practice can make use of ultrascope stethoscope. However, we can classify the end users of ultrascope stethoscope can be categorized as follows:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • EMT
  • Veterinarian
  • Other Healthcare Professionals

Guidelines to buy an ultrascope stethoscope

The major benefit of owning an ultrascope stethoscope is that you can customize or design this based on your choice of colour and design. There are many online platforms that provide you with various options to customize your choice of stethoscope based on your profession and need.

Most online platforms have the basic guidelines that can help you with choosing the right choice of stethoscope for you:

  • click on your desired choice of head design
  • next, select from various option of tubing colour
  • engrave your stethoscope with your choice of design, this can be done so with the help of various predesigned templates available

Once you are done with your selection process, go ahead and place your order.


Every ultrascope stethoscope you choose comes with a lifetime warranty. But then, in any case if your stethoscope goes through a wear and tear then you can engage with your supplier and get it fixed. Make sure to go through the warranty guidelines before buying a stethoscope for self.

Most suppliers are bound to replace ultrascopic ear tips, diaphragms and rings without any additional charges. In case of any defective tubing, then there are probable chances that you might be charged for shipping and handling.

The warranty is not transferable to any other users than owner and in case of any defect identified during examination, then supplier shall ensure stethoscope is replaced.