4 Treatment Program Options for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a constant problem across the globe. Many people suffer from the disease and never seek treatment. The main problem with alcoholism is that those who suffer do not believe they have an issue. This is when an intervention must take place by family and friends so that the loved one can get better. There are many program options available that alcoholics can use to gain treatment and become better. Treatment options vary because people are very different. It is important to find the proper treatment program that works best for you or your loved one to get the right treatment the first time.

Alcohol Treatment Programs

First it is essential to determine if there is an alcohol problem. It is important to understand if the person has lost control with drinking. If you find that you just drink too often, you can cut back. However if you cannot let go and find that you or your loved one has an addiction, then you will need to seek treatment. Below are four treatment options that can be used for alcoholism.

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One option that patients have is residential. This type of program requires the patient to live at a facility and undergo treatment. Intensive treatment takes place during the day including detox and counseling. This type of treatment usually takes place over a thirty to ninety day period. Sometimes additional days of treatment are required for those who have difficulty with treatment.


Another option is hospitalization which is usually called partial. This program is for those who need to be monitored medically. This type of treatment gives patients a stable environment and usually takes place over three to five days for a certain amount of time each day.

Outpatient program

Outpatient treatment is yet another option for those who suffer from alcoholism. This option is not a live-in treatment. Despite this fact, the program does require a large commitment. This type of treatment can take as little as three days each week for a time frame of two to four hours each day. This type of program is really for patients who have been in treatment and need a continual option.

Sober Living

This option is for patients who have gone through a treatment program. After a treatment program is completed, a patient can go to a facility for help with everyday life. The environment is drug and alcohol free and other recovering addicts live alongside each other for support. The facility is usually monitored by a counselor or former addict to help those in the home continue to live a sober lifestyle.

Overall, it is imperative that a alcoholic enters a treatment program. Visit local facilities and find out what can benefit you or your loved one. You may find that there are no local alternatives and you may have to go out of state. Either way, find a program that works best and enter treatment. With a successful program, an alcoholic can thrive and beat the disease.

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Tess Young has worked with many struggling alcoholics and has found that Pyramid Healthcare is a great choice foralcohol abuse treatment centers.