Amazing new health service

Paying for your health bills may be burdensome as one may not afford the money being deducted from their salary if you aren’t insured. You may even go to an extent of not telling a doctor about some of the serious illnesses you have so as not to bear the burden of treating them. Insured people aren’t so safe either as your insurance may be invalid when you travel other far places. Well how about we create a health service that one subscribes to and is assured of treatment each time they get sick.

health service

This platform has been created for all people with or without health insurance. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain the services, pay doctors and maintain this website, .

Treatment for emergency cases will be provided too with less than 20 minutes response time. Failure to respond for such cases within the stipulated time shall attract a fine from us to you, at a specified rate per every 10 minutes delayed. Apart for the monthly subscription, no single cent shall be paid for the treatment and drugs prescribed.

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Included in the workforce are pediatricians, gym instructors, dieticians and a whole team of health advisors. This will be of benefit to people with insurance. They will have exclusive access to other beneficial health services such as expert advice on nutrition and proper gym practices. Their services will be available online and one would be able to schedule a Skype appointment online with any of them for a one on one interaction.

Feedback from the website will be real time, expect no delays as we know that your health matters. We are looking forward to bring a lot of people in to this as not only will it help you get health care at a very minimum cost but will also help us get the fulfillment of ensuring you stay healthy.

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