Annie’s New Food Line

Having been in the food business for about two years, Annie Moo has gained major popularity. This is due to her production of 25 different varieties of jellies, jams, salts, rubs and pickled items at a kitchen next to her home. Annie started off by selling her products direct to the consumers at community events and via the local market. However, as the business grows, it has become necessary to branch to other retail settings.

Annie food

The current development on the same is partnering with local co-parkers who will professionally manufacture some recipes in large amounts. The R & D phase and government approvals should be done by mid-march so that the first run can be completed before March ends.

The first run is expected to be around $10, 000 which will be used for photography, advertising, display, sampling and demonstrations. This might not leave enough product that is needed to maintain orders needed to make profit enough for the next production run, which might cost up to $20,000.

This is therefore a Kickstarter project seeking to plead with the public to chip in and help raise the necessary funds. Your investment will be very helpful, providing enough money for the first run and at the same time leaving enough money for demonstrations, advertisements, food shows and other possible emergencies. The current focus is to get capital for getting started and with time get to raise money for the entire run.

Your help will be key to help Annie bring tasty foodie to the hungry world craving for something better and different to enjoy. These products are totally different from anything that is currently available in the stores. Some of these delicacies include margarita glaze, garlic onion glaze, TNT (spicy mustard) and blackberry merlot spread. Believe me, your imagination is your only limitation. Your assistance will be of great help.