Natasha Snide: The Kundalini Kitchen

Natasha Snide, of Sedona, Arizona, is looking to open her own healing temple called The Faery Garden, where she can offer her skills as a spiritual healer to share her energy, wisdom, and expertise to those in need.

Kundalini Kitchen

Natasha is a Shamanic Sound Healer who has used the Journey Drum to facilitate the healing for those seeking help. Her healing practices using sound and Yoga are a passion and Natasha wants to continue her quest to open her own space one day.

However, there are classes that must first be taken before this dream can come true. These classes assist students in attaining their goal and the education Natasha is seeking that will further her expertise in order to open up a safe place that is balanced, ethical, and will offer those in need the spiritual healing and peace they are looking for.

The first certification (called the Gong certification) needed must be earned at a Yoga Retreat located in Joshua Tree, California. Natasha needs $275, which will pay for food, lodging, and the classes needed for the four day certification process. She has successfully cut down the cost of this trip by being accepted as a volunteer in the kitchen at the retreat, however, in order to secure a spot in time for the certification course, she must raise the money quickly. This class will be taking place at the beginning of April of 2016, so time is of the essence!

This is an especially one-of-a-kind opportunity, because along with the certification, Natasha will be able to learn from one of her favorite yoga teachers, GuruGanesha Singh. She will be learning about practical strategies regarding business, how to become successful without compromising ethics, consciousness, and integrity. This will assist her in her goal of opening The Faery Garden.

The second Yoga class that is needed is the continuation of Natasha’s studies with Bill Barry, in Mantra practice and study. Mantras are spiritually the most moving and important to Natasha and this opportunity can help with meditation prayer practices.

This class costs $165, and after taking a class with Mr. Barry, he is offering remote teaching via Skype for Natasha to learn more and become empowered to pursue her dream.Natasha’s goal is to raise $444 to get her these classes and gain her certifications so that she can become a business owner, spiritual healer, and a positive force for those in need.

If you can help by donating to this good cause, visit If Natasha exceeds her goal, she will purchase her own Gong after acquiring the skills from the certification classes.

In addition, if more than $444 is raised, she will also put that money towards a Hatha 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate that is offered through Yoga Alliance. This is a very important certification that she would love to have funded if possible, because this would allow her the ability to have insurance, so that she may teach the physical aspects of Yoga at her dream business, The Faery Garden with the proper credentials and safety.

Natasha’s fundraiser can be found at, a website that is backed by the trustworthy fundraising company, Indiegogo.