An App About Thyroid Dysfunction Needs Your Support On Indiegogo

There is a new app out on android that is about thyroid dysfunction and is there to help people who are having problems with their thyroids and show them support, and there is an Indiegogo for that app because the creators are hoping to take it further than that. They are hoping to take the app that they have created and make it available to all.

thyroid dysfunction

They want everyone to be able to have all of the support that they need in this, as they are afraid that there is going to be a global epidemic of thyroid dysfunction, and they want to be there for all of those who are looking for some support.

This app is a really great thing, and it is going to reach many people and give them all that they need as they are dealing with this illness. It is something that many people are going to want to support because of how needed it is.

This app should be on every platform out there, so that everyone who uses any kind of platform can use it and get all of the great benefits that it offers. This app is going to help so many people once it gets onto every platform available, and all of those who are dealing with thyroid dysfunction, or who believe that this may be an epidemic soon, should help to get this app going.

The creator of this app wanted to do something good for the world, and they were able to create a great app that will help all of those who have thyroid dysfunction to know that they are not in it alone. And now the app is on Indiegogo, trying for all of the support that it can get, so that it can become available on every platform out there.

You can support this project and join them at: