Face Contouring For Men and Women Through Cosmetic Surgery

In the field of cosmetic surgery, there is a common misconception that it is only meant for women. However, in recent years, these plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are also becoming popular among men. This is because the surgery is very effective in removing the subcutaneous fat from their face and helps to make them look more beautiful.

Regular exercise and maintaining a proper diet are most of the times ineffective in reducing the fat deposit from the body and upper body parts such as face.

While cosmetic surgery for fat removing is not a substitute for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this face contouring technique helps men and women to feel better about their appearance.

In Las Vegas, one prominent cosmetic clinic is taking great strides in popularizing face fat transfer among men and women.

Dr. Jeannie Khavkin is a reputed cosmetic surgeon Las Vegas who caters to needs of both men and women. The staff and doctors available here are well versed and renowned in their respective fields of surgery. Moreover, they have the requisite training, knowledge, skill and experience to carry out such complex surgical operations.

To cater to the growing demand and popularity for its unique cosmetic surgery treatment, experts at Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery are making use of their years of experience in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures so that no client is left unsatisfied.

The clients through this unique cosmetic surgery clinic can opt for various face transformation surgeries which are not only limited to fat transfer but also procedures like facelift, anti-aging, forehead lift, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, etc.

Before undertaking any cosmetic surgery operation, the surgeons in this unique clinic make it a point to educate their patients on the procedure involved in the operation. They even go to the extent of disclosing the pros and cons of the operation to their patients.

Especially in the case of fat transfer operations, removing the subcutaneous fat from the face of men is different than removing it from women. Therefore these surgeons insist that patients consider factors like risk, recovery period and after operation treatment.

Many people today think that cosmetic surgery is only for the rich. However, when you compare the price structure of this unique clinic with other similar clinics, you will find that they are competitive and within the reach of many. Moreover, their flexible payment options have made these surgeries even more attractive to many.

So why not contact the medical experts here today and start living more confident life.