Go for DNA test for exact references relating to biological relationships

Deoxyribonucleic Acid test is one of the most crucial tools that helps check paternity and maternity of an individual. The most important constituent in our chromosomes, DNA is indicative of genes present within the person and this is the reason why DNA test is carried out to classify a link between two genes.


DNA test is most commonly used in the world of forensic investigations and its importance in determining a biological link between is also extremely crucial.

The test always helps establish clarity and proves quite handy in solving any sort investigation or unsuspicion concerning criminal as well as personal matters. Here are different types of DNA test that you can opt for to establish a better clarity in respect to biological evidences –

Paternity test – One of the most popular type DNA test, paternity test helps in determining a biological link between a father and his son/ daughter or offspring. Paternity test is mainly done for validating a father or child relationship or to validate a birth certificate as well. The outcome of the paternity is the most valid proof as is considered as the last evidence to determine a father child relationship between two individuals.

Legal testing of DNA –   Another quite important use of DNA test is in field of criminal investigations. The test helps find culprits who may have left any sort of hair or blood at crime scene. The test proves quite suitable and to a greater extent help find criminals in cases of murder or sexual offences.