Holistic Dentistry: What Benefits It Offers

Dentistry is a branch of medicine or science that involves proper diagnosis, study, prevention as well as treating the diseases that are pertaining to the oral cavity.


Whereas the holistic dentistry emphasizes on the physical, emotional and spiritual approaches to the dental care where the patient’s oral cavity problems will be dealt with only natural methodologies.

The holistic dentistry is not like the traditional dentistry procedure. The holistic dentistry deals with the patient’s body, mind and soul but not just the teeth. Moreover it has its own basic concepts and principles like:

  • Proper balanced nutrition is the main source to prevent and reverse the degenerative type of dental disorders,
  • Avoiding the toxins and unnatural materials from the oral cavity either it may be for normal use or for any operative fillings,
  • Preventing and treating the dental problems from the root cause with proper diagnosis,
  • Preventing and treating the gum disorders from the biological level, etc

Holistic dentistry is totally diverse in its practice when compared to the traditional dentistry practice. The holistic dentistry practitioners won’t use any materials or metals to do dental fillings, root canal procedures or for tooth replacements.

They believe that these metal fillings may cause problems to the general physiology of the patient which may in turn results in some other disorders like renal blockage or failures, liver damage, etc. Thus the holistic dentistry uses all the modern dentistry procedures for diagnosing the oral problem but when coming to the treatment or management part they implement natural holistic procedures.

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