Physical Disability Is Now Past Tense

Have you ever experienced a robotic walk on the walking trail of your neighborhood or even the feelings of wearing a robotic costume on your regular walkabout? I am sure it would be next to minimal population across the world that had really experienced this bizarre situation. Even Japan may not have experienced this on daily basis being the epitome of robotic regulations and proliferation. Japan is well known for conceptualizing of robots in their day to day life activities and in their culture. Very soon the world is going to get rocked by the new era ‘robotic mania’, as the approval of new robot exoskeleton costume for global flat –out is down the line.

Physical Disability

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Though it may sound like a little absurd to wear a robotic suit and go to the workplace or even your daily activity centre, but it is actually build, keeping in mind, to deliver the ultimate comfort to the human kind and provide the abundance of options for having a better life. The superficiality of this costume conveys very rigid look and inhuman approach but it is as comfortable in use as walking on your own feet. Robot Exoskeleton is going to be very helpful for both the older adults and physically disabled people. If someone is suffering from impairment of gross motor ability, limbs this invention is going to be a great relief to them. Crutches, wheel chair, walkers are going to be seen back seated very soon.

This robot exoskeleton is also known as the “Hybrid Assistive Limb” or HAL in short. The structure and the design of it are composed in such a manner to assist elderly people or people with poor motor ability to walk around and feel complete independent. This awaited wonder is waiting to offer an explosion of astonishment as the safety certificate has been received by the Japan R&D department. The HAL is proven to be the power assisted pair of legs, manufactured and designed by the renowned robot manufacture company. This company has already established it name by delivering many technological wonders to the world before. This device is powered by the high end battery to support the assistive walk. It is also capable of distinguishing muscle impulses, therefore; it can easily predict and balance the human body movements.

Though the option of buying this device is not yet rolled out but one can rent the draft standard version of it to experience the feasibility and comfortability. It won’t be any wonder if we witness a flock of people in robotic costume roaming around the streets, which could get disguised as the real robots. This invention has given the technological advancement a new boost and the health care sector is not lagging behind as it is rising along with the rocket speed of technological growth. Now it is the waiting part for us to adapt these next generation technological movements with our lifestyle to produce a well tunes rhythm.

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