The Meaning Of Your Personal Expression Number

The expression number is driven by your full name given at the time birth which includes your first name, middle name and last name. It is the name mention on your birth certificate. Whatever name you have, right from your childhood is used to form your expression number.

How to find your expression number?

Every letter of your name is assigned to a particular one-digit number. Every letter is given the number as per its position in the alphabet series. For example, A is 1 and Z is 26. The double digit letter is reduced to a single digit by adding both the digits. For instance, M, the 13th letter becomes 4.

Now in order to find your expression number, right your name and the suitable number below it. Then add the double digits to a single digit. Do the same with your middle name and last name. Now add the three single digit number and you will get the master number.

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Meaning of your expression number

You can get your physical and emotional orientation and objectives of life revealed through it. A lot of numerologists call these numbers as the destiny because it showcases your objectives which you will aim for in your life.

The Expression number unravels your inner goals and permits you to accomplish the person you want to be. Your capabilities, talents and problems are also showcased from your Expression number. It can all be derived from your name and its numbers. It also showcases the development of your life, the talents you have and issues which you will deal with in your life.

If you believe in reincarnation, then the energy of your full name can be witnessed from your personal evolution. The talents, wisdom and experiences of all your life are showcased through it. Every experience you have in your life, whether big or small, the evolutionary path which you travelled and its influence is well shown in your Expression number

The Expression number is your state of mind and you attempt to learn an important lesson about your life path at this point of time. With time, your personality starts emerging. At Numerology Name Calculator, you can easily find out your personal expression number and know what your expression number reveals about your life, personality and experiences. All you need to do is put your name and you will get the details of your expression number in front of you.