What to do if you have a hernia?

Hernia repair is recommended if it causes significant pain and complication. To correct a hernia, surgery is done using variety of procedures depending where and how exactly it is protruded. Inguinal Hernia appears as a swelling in the groin and may be noticeable depending on physical activity. It can be painful or not. This is common for men and may fall downward into the scrotum. While Umbilical Hernia appears as a swelling bulge at the navel, due to pregnancy and usually disappears without treatment. These are the two common types that need repair.

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herniaMost hernias if monitored by physician do not require a surgery. Only those that becomes very large or trapped into intestines. Preparing for hernia repair needs a complete medical examination that would evaluate your present health condition as well as your health history. Physicians review the possible advantages and disadvantages of the operation. Be sure to ask questions and fully understand the reasons for surgery. No need to worry because this is one of the simplest surgeries available usually performed thru laparoscopy.

Inform the physician if there are medications being taken for allergies and give the specific drug name, also if pregnant and have bleeding problems. Ask for specific instructions on preparing for surgery, including what to eat and vitamins to take.

Physicians may instruct you to do the following:

– Drink clear fluids for 3 days (prior to surgery) to cleanse your intestines.

– Stop smoking to prevent breathing problems during surgery

– Find someone to take you home after the surgery

Health practitioners in the hospital will ask you to dress in a surgical gown with a cap and sedative or anesthesia will be given by injection. Recovery process depends on circumstances, however you will be sent home on or after the day of the surgery. Complete recovery takes up to four to six weeks. Be careful not to get the incision sit wet, and avoid strenuous activities for weeks.

Cost of hernia repair depends on various factors like insurance and hospital. Procedure costs are based on age, gender, and insurance coverage. Health practitioners provide detailed costs for drugs and hospital procedures as well as medical terms. Hernia repair is performed by physicians specializing in general surgery. For specific information about physicians and qualified hernia repair doctors you can search and check local surgeons online. You may need to consult with a few so you can make sure who among them respond to your needs. Preparing for hernia repair is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 as long as you follow your physician specific guidelines.

To know more about the problem you may check cause of hernia and inguinal hernia diagram here. This will help you in knowing more about hernia and how to deal with the problem effectively.