What You Need To Know About the HCG Diet Plan

With all the advancements in science and especially modern medicine the one field that is still in its infancy is the field of weight loss and the latest buzz words in weight loss are “HCG drops”. It induces weight loss of up to a pound a day without any adverse affects and most importantly without feeling hungry or have cravings.

What is it ?

So what are HCG drops ? It is part of the HCG diet that is taking the weight loss industry by storm. HCG is a natural hormone that women produce during pregnancy that allows them to lose a lot of weight after pregnancy. The diet includes consuming less than 500 calories a day which alone would leave you constantly hungry and craving food. That is when the HCG drops come in. It stops you from feeling hungry and not experience the annoying craving by resetting the metabolism.

Does it work ?

The HCG drops have been clinically proven to work as advertised and there are multiple legitimate testimonials of people who have experienced the wonders of the HCG drops along with numerous research.

How does it work ?

Normally if you restrict your daily dietary intake to as low as 500 calories it would leave you constantly wanting food. HCG drops flicks the reset button on your metabolism which fools your digestive system into thinking that it is full, almost as if you just had a hearty meal. This leaves your body content with the minuscule amount of calories you have consumed thus burning up the fat reserves in your body. Also as it mimics a natural process, the loss is purely in fat reserves which is absorbed for its nutrients while leaving your muscle mass intact. Even though it seems too good to be true, HCG drops actually work. Moreover no injections are needed as the drops can simply be taken orally thus being very convenient to use as well.

How to use HCG drops ?

The HCG drops comes with the diet you have to follow. You have to follow this diet for 8 weeks while taking the HCG drops, dosage of which depends on your weight and current health conditions and can be easily found when you buy HCG drops. These products come with a customer support service as well so the answers for your queries and doubts are just a phone call away.

HCG drops are incredibly effective, while being very safe. The weight loss is permanent and 8 weeks is not a very long time. Granted you have to put in a lot of effort for 8 weeks but after that you will have a body you will love. This is made even easier with the fact that the HCG drops will take away a lot of the fatigue and hunger that usually accompanies weight loss programs. So if you are up to the challenge and are willing to make the commitment for just 8 weeks to the strict diet you will end up with a great body and the ideal weight that you have always dreamt about.