Why Choose a Biological Dentist San Diego

The use of nonmetal and the safest dental materials and ingredients for treatment of oral problems is defined as holistic or biological dentistry. Toxic ingredients from the mouth are eliminated by the dentists and the non-toxic and biocompatible materials that are available these days in the market are used in their place.

It is essential to keep the structure of the mouth and teeth in perfect condition not only for talking, eating and chewing food, but also for ensuring overall body health. The mouth shares an important connection with the rest of the body and any problem in the former can damage the latter.

Biological Dentist

Whether you are new to San Diego or you are tired of going to a conventional dentist and undergoing the same painful procedures, it is best to go see a biological dentist San Diego for healthy and long term treatment. These dentists are aware that the mouth has to be kept free of dangerous and toxic material for complete health. This means that these dentists do not believe in the use of stainless steel nickel crowns, which are covered with porcelain and several other substances and also condone the use of fluoride for cleaning and amalgam fillings that comprise of 50% mercury, which is a toxic lead.

A healthy mouth is one that has sound gum, deep pockets and does not suffer from any infection or disease. Sometimes, it is not the neglect of the patients that causes dental problems. In some cases, it is the use of non-toxic restorative material by conventional dentists that create allergies and infections. Moreover, traditional dentists simply use drugs for eliminating the symptoms of the problem instead of figuring out why it occurred in the first place. The best part of visiting a biological dentist San Diego is that they are aware that symptoms simply indicate a problem.

They are not the root cause, which needs to be terminated in order to prevent its occurrence again. A holistic dentist also believes that patients should be given plenty of choice when it comes to the treatment methods and options available. They should be informed beforehand of the possible pros and cons of every option and should not be pressurized into making a quick decision. The patients should be given time to think over the methods and choose one that appeals to them. Furthermore, as long as it’s possible, biological dentists replace a pharmaceutical remedy with a homeopathic one as the latter does not have any side effects.

These dentists are aware that lack of proper nutrition and an inadequate and inactive lifestyle often contribute to oral health problems. Therefore, the dentist will advise patients to incorporate nutritious and healthy food items in their diet and implement a proper oral care routine to prevent future problems. A biological dentist is just as educated as a traditional dentist and can provide the same treatment. They have the proper skills and certification and people will find that they can maintain their oral health in a better way by going to a biological dental San Diego practice.

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