Boot Camp for Training Exercises

A Boot Camp is nothing but a type of outdoor exercise class program where a group of individuals will join together and participate in the exercise program.

Mostly the Boot Camp will be carried out by the military troops only for keeping their stamina and muscle strength under control. The Boot Camps will be very tough and more competitive in nature where the exercise pattern and styles will be harder than the normal gym exercises.

The major exercises involved in the Boot Camp are strength training exercises, interval training exercises, body weight exercise, etc. There are so many varieties of Boot Camps available presently according to the country’s style and performance.

Big Bay Boot Camp 2012

Big Bay Boot Camp 2012 (Photo credit: Port of San Diego)

Nowadays the Boot Camps are held not only in the military area but also organized by the bigger clubs, societies, colleges, IT companies, fitness clubs and gym centers, etc. Most of the time the any Boot Camp which is organized by any club or society will be designed in a style same like the military Boot Camp so that the energy and stamina of the participants will be in high pitch.

The Boot Camps will have a small group environment with about 6 to 10 people. A open place will be selected for this Boot Camp which is grassy and semi dry in nature like parks. Initially the work out will be on papers, that means the participants will be issued with the guidelines as well as the rules and regulations of the Boot Camp.

After signing in the consent form only the particular individual will be allowed to join the Boot Camp. The charge of the Boot Camp is depending upon the organizer of the camp. Initially the camp starts with the usual warm up exercises and then gradually added with the less struggling exercise to high strengthening exercises.

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