LDS Counslors Can Assist With Your Online Addiction Problem

If you’ve ever experienced help from members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, you’ll know that they are some of the most caring people you’ll find. A main tenet of the religion is helping those within the community that are most in need — and this can extend to online addictions also, which as technology takes on a greater role in everyday life can become overbearing and destructive.


How to Know if You Want Assistance
If you’ve ever felt that your time online constituted a net negative on your emotions and personal life, you’ve probably thought of quitting using the internet, or at least limiting your time with its use. The trouble is, you may have found yourself returning to it again and again, despite your attempts not to do so.


This is where the help of counselors can come in handy: By providing encouragement and a sympathetic ear, counselors can often show us the better part of ourselves — and that is just one way that we can gear our future towards a direction we want to be in, rather than one our emotions dictate we move in.

Heading Toward a Happy Future
It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, most of us never spent more time online than it would take to write an email. With high-speed internet and portable devices which allow us to take our data everywhere with us, that time is well-past. But many are beginning to wonder if this constant supply of information is in fact dulling our personal lives, with our online connections sometimes taking over our real-world connections. And when that affects our family relationships and our friendships, it can feel like we’re beginning to give up our real selves for our online selves.

How LDS Counselors Can Help
Understanding how LDS Counselors can help you is easy when you know how caring their community is. Whatever your problem, members of the LDS Church are there to listen. Bishops of LDS Wards, for example, serve a special role in the community that involves advising people on their troubles. It’s one of the lesser-known hallmarks of the Latter Day Saints, but it’s one of the key traits of the church.

So if you feel like you’re struggling with an online addiction, know that there are people who can help — you don’t have to feel alone within the process of healing. Anyone is capable of running into periods of distress, but often we need help to make our way through it. And to that end the Church of Latter Day Saints makes it their mission to help.