Tips to promote more weight loss while on a Nutrisystem Diet plan

Nutrisystem has always promoted that weight loss will happen whether you do something or nothing about it. However, making an extra effort to make the most of the weight loss program from Nutrisystem quickly takes off the pounds. You also gain the maximum health benefits as you begin to eat the right foods.

Here are some guidelines for you to think about if you want to lose weight quick and easy on your Nutrisystem diet plan:


Diminutive but constant meals

The meals prescribed by your Nutrisystem diet should be followed religiously. Skipping meals will not make you lose weight faster. Instead, skipping might even lead to cheating to make up for the missed meal. The body automatically switches to “famine mode” if it is fed fewer than 1200 per day. Once the body is in famine mode, it won’t melt the fat away. Rather, it will store fat to keep the body functioning until the next time it acquires the needed nutrients. While on the Nutrisystem diet program, it pays to follow the meal plans for a healthier weight loss.

Look on the brighter side always

Think positive, keep the right attitude, and look on the brighter side of things are always stressed by Nutrisystem diet programs. Depression can also happen during weight loss when hormones get out of sync. Depression is the number one mental and emotional condition in America today. Weight gain contributes to depression. On the other hand, losing weight slowly can also lead to frustration and depression.

If the weight loss is going slow for you, reach out for the free Nutrisystem counseling. They will be able to find out the reasons behind the slow weight loss and make timely suggestions and advice to hasten the process.

Let go of alcohol

Nutrisystem does not allow alcohol when you’re on one of their diet programs. Alcohol has never been a part of their prepackaged meals and will never be. Nutrisystem has a strict regulation for alcohol when it concerns their users on their various diet programs. The reason for this is because alcohol has never been found to contain any nutritional value. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels are also caused by alcohol. The blood fluctuations caused by alcohol also slows down weight loss. Nutrition given by the various meals from Nutrisystem is not absorbed by the stomach when alcohol is consumed. This stops the distribution of much-needed nutrients to the body when alcohol hinders the process.

Load up on vegetables and fruits

Nutrisystem has always recommended additional intake of dairy, veggies, and fruits to complement the diet program. However, there is also such a thing as overdoing which is not advisable as well. A breakfast meal from Nutrisystem that is complemented by an apple packs in the nutrition. However, you will be overdoing it if you combine your Nutrisystem breakfast meal with two oranges, two bananas, and an apple. This super-heavy breakfast will also add on the pounds. Nutrisystem provides a great food guideline for you to follow. It includes a number of veggies, dairy, and fruits you can consume on a single meal schedule. Stick to the guidelines and see the weight come off quickly and easily.

Be more physically active

Nutrisystem may not require exercise to go with the diet. You are still guaranteed to lose weight even when you don’t do anything. But, exercise is the healthiest and fun way to lose weight quickly. Exercise also produces muscle mass which revs up your metabolism even when resting or sleeping. 30 minutes a day is all it Nutrisystem recommends. Any physical activity that gets you off your seat and does for 10 straight minutes can already be termed as exercise. Walking for 10 minutes on your lunch break is a form of physical activity. Riding a bike for 10 minutes is physical activity. Melt those pounds away in a shorter period of time by doing some form of physical activity.

Whole grains are the better option

“Weekends on your own” and “dinners on your own” are diet options from Nutrisystem for dieters on the transition period. This means the freedom of food option for either all dinners or on weekends only. The transition period can be a trying and scary experience for dieters just off the program. However, Nutrisystem has always stated that going for healthy food options can still lose you more weight even when no longer on a diet program. One of the recommended foods is whole grains. Whole grains are part of the “smart carbs” that fills you up while energizing you the whole day.

Do not cheat

You end up the loser every time you cheat. Cutting corners on your diet by diverting to take in a favorite food will only delay the weight loss. Stick to the diet and reap the rewards.

In closing

The various Nutrisystem diet programs will only work if you let it work for you. Cheating while on the diet will only frustrate you when you don’t lose the desired weight you’ve mapped out. Changing your lifestyle has to come from you and not from the diet. The diet program will do its end; however, it’s left to you to make it work effectively and satisfactorily.