Rewarding things to do to complement your weight loss with Nutrisystem

Successfully losing weight on staying on track with your Nutrisystem diet program needs reward time to make it all worthwhile. However, rewarding yourself does not have to do with food. Rewarding yourself with food will only lead to binge eating which defeats the purpose of your weight loss goal.

There are other rewarding things to do to make you feel successful, motivated, and happy. Feeling and looking better are rewards enough for a job well done. However, these extra perks will tide you over binge eating, food cravings, and other negative food vibes.

Have a nice, long, and hot bath

Eating healthy with Nutrisystem can be exhausting and tiring. Making it through another day on the diet can make you feel like you deserve a sinful dessert or a glass of chilled wine. Take a nice, long, and hot bath instead. You can light an aromatherapy candle or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water to relax you further. Soothing the senses is reward enough for your diligence with the diet.

Splurge on new clothes

You deserve to splurge on new clothes to present the new you. Exciting changes are happening to your body which means a nice treat to keep you going on your diet. A great accessory or a pair of new shoes to light up an old or new outfit can motivate you no end to stick to the diet.

Go on a walk with a friend or spouse

Feeling low can, oftentimes, lead to binge eating. Inviting a spouse or a friend who has supported you on your weight loss program will encourage you to stay on track. The bonding time you have with this special someone is rewarding enough.

Treat yourself to a massage

Pamper yourself with a great massage at the nearest spa. Bring back vitality and joy by indulging in a head-to-toe massage. A massage is the most natural way of relieving pains, aches, stress, and anxiety. Schedule a weekly or monthly massage session as a way to counter all the negative feelings you have while on a diet.

Treat yourself to an hour-long nap

Accomplishing all the healthy goals mapped out by Nutrisystem deserves a treat! A nice and uninterrupted 1-hour long nap is a treat you must never deprive yourself. The Centers for Disease Control has found that most Americans (about 30 percent) have chronic cases of sleep deprivation. Don’t be one of the statistics and reward yourself that nap whenever you feel down.

Sway to the latest beat

Dancing is one form of reward to treat yourself every time you meet your diet and weight goals. Jump for joy, dance, and swirl to any musical beat that strikes your fancy. Dancing is one way to become happy. Burn calories as you swing away for joy. Put on your dancing shoes and invite a spouse or friend to dance with you at a club. If this is not possible, don’t let that stop you from dancing. Turn on the music at home and flow with the music.

Get a new do

Schedule a salon appointment and reward yourself with a new do. Show the world the new you and the new way you feel about yourself. A new and flattering hairstyle will be ample rewards for the hard work on the diet. Maintain your focus on the new things happening to you as you push towards your weight loss goal.

Learn something new

Get out of your diet doldrums by learning something new. Have you always been interested to learn a foreign language? Challenge yourself by adding more new things to your new body image. Get excited about new opportunities. Raise your own vegetable garden. Sign up for volunteer work. There are a lot of new and exciting things to do or get involved in.


Exercise can be rewarding. It is a natural stress reliever. It takes off the pounds quickly when complemented to the Nutrisystem diet program. Exercise leads to more muscle mass. The presence of more muscle mass in the body means enhanced metabolism that burns fat even when you’re resting or sleeping.

The trick is to choose an exercise program that you can do every day. It may be yoga, biking, jogging, walking, aerobics or enrolling in your local gym. Whatever gets your groove to get you moving regularly is already a form of exercise. While diet has been found to be more important in weight loss, having a regular exercise program hastens the process. Exercise also helps to stabilize blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Exercise offers a lot of health benefits that you should never do without.

In a nutshell

The varied meals offered by Nutrisystem can help alleviate the boredom of eating on a diet. They may not be able to meet the rich tastes of the calorie-laden foods you used to eat, but they are healthy options that take off the weight.

Binge eating is, oftentimes, the result of boredom. Eating the same foods can sometimes become tedious, dreary, and mind-numbing. However, rewarding yourself for a job well done can lift the spirits to go on until the weight loss goal is reached. Eventually, achieving the desired weight is reward enough.