Improve Your Mental Capabilities with Foods to Improve Brain health

Bain is the most important organ of our body. The brain signals the body to perform different functions. Thus, if the brain does not function properly, it might send wrong signals to other body parts which can hamper the regular bodily functions. It is therefore essential to take proper care of the brain. Food plays an important role in maintaining the agility of the brain. As with other body parts, brain also needs some nutrients which help in keeping it active. The main function of the brain is to help a person memorise things, assimilate information from surroundings, rationalizing things, taking decisions and dreaming. In fact, the most complex aspect of a human body is the brain. However, we can improve our capabilities with foods to improve brain health.


Nutrients required for the brain

There are various foods to improve brain health. Fruits like nuts are a very good source of brain nutrient. Nuts help to improve the memory power of the brain. Nuts have vitamin E, which help in memory power. Age causes the brain cells to degenerate, so food like nuts help to activate the brain cells. Nuts like Brazil nuts, peanuts, filberts, cashewnuts, flax seed, and sunflower seeds are great source of vitamin E. They should be taken every day in small quantity to keep the mind alert and working. If you suffer from cholesterol, it is better to have unsalted nuts.

Blueberry is also among the foods to improve brain health. The fruit helps in reducing stress and improves the learning ability in a human. It even helps to reduce the degeneration caused due to ageing. The fruit is even known to protect from brain degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. A cup of blueberries is recommended to keep brain healthy.  Avocados also come under foods to improve brain health. Mothers should especially be alert on the food that their children have. This fruit helps in stimulating the blood flow. Circulation of healthy blood in the body ensures good mind stimulation. Avocados help control hypertension and hypertension can be a cause for brain degeneration. A daily dose of avocados are recommended.

Fresh tea can boost up memory, mood and increase level of concentration. The tea can be hot or iced, if used in measured amount can increase the mental abilities. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidant and can help to increase the level of concentration. It even helps in elevating the mood, keeping a person happy.

Brain exercises

Apart from foods to improve brain health, some mental exercises are also suggested as mean of boosting mental agility. Solving jigsaw puzzles, crossword games help in honing of brain cells. These stimulate the thinking capability and the more the brain works, the more sharp it gets. Therefore, stimulating the blood flow in the body and stimulating the brain cells subsequently help in activating the brain. Brain also has to be worked upon to get optimal benefits. When the brain is properly stimulated, only then will the body function properly.